Best Pizza Places in New York

New York is considered as one of the states that has the best pizza all over the world. It has a wide range of restaurants where one can get the pizza of their own taste.

Below are some reviews of the best places and the reasons why they are considered good. Any time when in New York, you can consider having a bite.

  1. East Village Pizza.

The restaurant was started by two brothers, Mel, and Frank in 1997. It started from a small lunch den to the big thing it is today, and it’s being considered as the cornerstone of New York City’s East Village.

Formation: When Mel and Fran had a walk in New York, they realized that no single restaurant offered Pizza delicacies. With the experience, Frank had on making Pizzas, and the Chef Mel was, they decided to start up East Village Pizza Restaurant and start making Pizza. To date, it remains the hottest Pizza joints, and people travel from all over the world to experience a delicious meal.

Why East Village Pizza Has become a unique Pizza Place.

  1. The Flamboyant Taste.

There is no restaurant you will find the taste as it is in East Village. It has a slogan of its taste and has stamped a signature of its own due to the unique flavor it has.

  1. It has become famous for its Pizza.

People who have visited the restaurant has spread the word of greatness about the Pizza, and the Pizza is well known as the best New York Style Pizza.

  1. Adelina’s

Adelina’s make the best of Vegan Pizza around New York. It is packaged in a variety of veggies and delivered at your point of request and will leave the desired taste to come back for more from the restaurant.

  1. Lucali.

This is another Pizza place that has mouth-watering foods. The Pizza made is out of the world with a thin crust to balance the crunchy and the softness needed. This is a Pizza that has been perfect in New York City with the best taste of cheese and basil. You cannot miss to but a piece when along the Lucali.

  1. Di Fara Pizza.

Di Fara was opened back in 1964 by Dom Demarco. He still makes the delicious Pizzas today with the great original taste it had when the restaurant was started. As you wait for the Pizza to be made, you might grow impatient, but nothing tastes as god as the Pizza made by Dom Demarco. The cheese, crunchy style makes it more intense you will think that it has been soaked in butter. It will leave your heart desiring for more of the pizza than at any other time.

  1. Prince Street Pizza.

This is among the newest Pizza Places in New York that was opened in 2012. It came in to replace Ray’s outpost. As time passed, Prince Street Pizza came out strong with Unique Pizza which was thick and topped up with pepperoni. Visit the restaurant over the weekends, and you will queue for hours waiting to buy your Pizza. This tells it all that it has an excellent, spicy and crunchy pizza that you may not find anywhere else.

New York is well known for great tasting Pizza and once you are there, research for the best and grab one for yourself and your friends.